Reefer Trailers

Reefer Trailers

Discover the benefits of AI Trailer Reefers
  • 53-foot length
  • Swing doors
  • Air ride suspension
  • Advanced refrigeration units
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy loading/unloading


Keep Products Cool with a Refrigerated Trailer

Our refrigerated trailers are ideal for businesses that require temperature-controlled transportation. With advanced refrigeration technology, our reefer trailers are perfect for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring that your products stay fresh and safe during transit. Lease your reefers from AI Trailer!


Reefers are crucial for hauling freight that needs to be kept at a cold temperature. Businesses in the food and beverage, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and medical industries rely on our refrigerated trailers to support their operational logistics.

Pharmaceutical – Medical – Perishable Food – Beverage – Agricultural – Restaurant


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